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    16 ноября
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  1. banx

    Looking for a Serious Hacker!!!

    Hey guys I am looking for some serious hackers to help me with a list of domains i want to penetrate and gain cpanel/root access. Escrow is a must, proof of funds will be given upon request.
  2. hi zunostore,,, ive tried msg you few times on either on your shop or jabber... im quiet new to your shop so was testing out your quailty...coz i was looking for a decent seller... out 6 cards i have purchased 3 cards were dead and you refunded which i no problem with that.... one was live.... the other 2 were dead card....but it show they were live....one has incorrect info or it was dead not to sure which because i tried to call bank on automated service, and they could not find such card and they i tried testing in out on charity site for small charge... and when it went to vbv...your info did not match.... ive left you msg withing the time limit for you to check the problem.!! can you sort the problem out plz